Our Yoga Classes

  • Yoga Flow
  • Mixed Level
  • Beginners Basic
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Kids Yoga

To allow classes to start on time, please arrive 10 minutes early. All classes require the use of a yoga mat.  If you do not own a mat, they are available for rental.



Yoga Flow

A yoga flow discipline that blends the best naturally full-body strengthening yoga postures into a practice for everyone. Moving with the breath and never sacrificing the integrity of a more traditional yoga practice, vinyasa incorporates challenging, opening and relaxing poses designed to increase your concentration and endurance while developing a strong body and mind and inner peace. 

Yoga flow is a suitable class for all levels; beginners welcome!  Please feel free to try any class, we will honor your level, offer modifications and take you through your practice safely.


Pilates is an amazing core-building class. Pilates offers a functional approach to strength and flexibility training with exercises created to strengthen abdominal and back muscles while developing pelvic stability and abdominal control. Yoga encourages mindful breathing, concentration, and centering while fostering strength and flexibility through yoga postures. A strong foundation of basic poses (names, safe alignment, positioning) is recommended. 

Mixed Level Yoga

Our mixed level yoga class offers a variety of postures (asanas) with modifications offered for beginners as well as options for more advanced students.

Restorative Yoga 

Balance all other forms of yoga practice with this healing, powerfully renewing class.  Hold comfortable, restorative poses that lead to stress relief, help with trouble sleeping, anxiety and depression.  A special class, and a must try for everyone.

Plus Size Yoga

Plus Size Yoga is a 75-minute weekly class offering full-figured women a judgment free space to embrace and support each other in a healthy lifestyle. It is more than a yoga class. Learn to use yoga and yogic principles to guide you to a vibrant life full of energy, freedom, and peace. This is a friendly, welcoming, and safe environment to explore yoga, nutrition, and topics that are specific to the lives and concerns of full-figured women and women in general. Take this time to slow down, be present and enjoy the company of others. It is your turn to recharge and refocus so that you can have the vitality you want-starting here and now.