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Yoga Classes

Absolute Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes for all ages and abilities. Scroll down to learn more about the various courses and levels or click on a link at the top to jump to a description. To allow classes to start on time, please arrive 10-15 minutes early. All classes require the use of a yoga mat. If a student does not own a mat, they are available for rental or purchase at the studio. Exercise or "gym" mats are not an acceptable substitute. This is for the safety of our students. We have special Teen rates and welcome those ages 12 and up to join our Adult classes.

Strength & Flexibility Yoga

A skilled beginner to intermediate yoga class designed to build a balanced, deeper and mindful yoga practice. This class will include longer-held floor and balancing postures benefiting the health and flexibility of the joints, with an emphasis on postures that build core strength and endurance. Experience an increase in energy and strength while building heat. Learn to refine postures and deepen your connection to your body. Familiarity and comfort with foundational yoga postures recommended. Practiced in a comfortably warm room. 


A yoga flow discipline that blends the best naturally full-body strengthening yoga postures into an invigorating, cardiovascular conditioning practice. Never sacrificing the integrity of a more traditional yoga practice, vinyasa incorporates challenging poses designed to increase your concentration and endurance while developing a strong body and mind. Power Yoga moves a little faster than Vinyasa, and provides a more intense aerobic workout.  A foundation of basic poses (names, safe alignment, positioning) is recommended. Practiced in a comfortably warm room. 

Yoga/HIIT Your Mat

This class combines Yoga and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT can help you break out of that fitness "plateau", build more muscle, and strengthen the cardiovascular system. While our typical yoga class progresses at a steady pace, this class will alternate between periods of maximum intensity and rest. Although the format will be very new and exciting, we will warm up with Sun Salutations, cool down with a yoga stretch, and practice mindfulness from beginning to end.


A traditional class that emphasizes being in a posture and slowing down to experience what each moment and pose offers. This class invites you to reflect on the sensations that a particular pose may reveal as you take time to tune in and listen. Learn to actively experience and celebrate every pose within a flowing sequence as we focus on the journey rather than the destination. Build patience and relieve tension while you challenge your strength, flexibility and alignment. Class is taught at an advance beginner/intermediate level. Practiced in a comfortably warm room.

Basic Yoga

A straight-forward class featuring fundamental yoga postures and primary flowing sequences. With special attention to alignment, participants will develop an awareness of their own abilities in order to self monitor and modify. This class is ideal for new-comers to yoga and seasoned practioners alike. This is a moderately paced yoga practice ideal for focusing on breath, alignment, sequence and terminology. Sun Salutation included. 


A dynamic blend of Flow Yoga and Pilates into a single core-building class. Pilates offers a functional approach to strength and flexibility training with exercises created to strengthen abdominal and back muscles while developing pelvic stability and abdominal control. Yoga encourages mindful breathing, concentration, and centering while fostering strength and flexibility through yoga postures. A strong foundation of basic poses (names, safe alignment, positioning) is recommended. Practiced in a comfortably warm room.


Absolute Yoga is happy to offer a barre conditioning class for all ages and abilities.  This class is a 60-minute workout that combines ballet-type movements with yoga, pilates and weight-training, with an emphasis on posture and form. This conditioning class is designed to help students create long and lean muscle without bulk. Barre conditioning can be effective and therapeutic for nearly every segment of the population when modified apprpriately.

Plus Size Yoga

Plus Size Yoga is a 75-minute weekly class offering full-figured women a judgment free space to embrace and support each other in a healthy lifestyle. It is more than a yoga class. Learn to use yoga and yogic principles to guide you to a vibrant life full of energy, freedom, and peace. This is a friendly, welcoming, and safe environment to explore yoga, nutrition, and topics that are specific to the lives and concerns of full-figured women and women in general. Take this time to slow down, be present and enjoy the company of others. It is your turn to recharge and refocus so that you can have the vitality you want-starting here and now. Classes will be taught by Annika Nilsson-Ripps, RYT. Plus Size Yoga is offered by session-only and requires pre-registration with payment. (mid-session enrollment with advanced RSVP only, availability permitting).

To register for a session, please use our "Sign Up For Classes Today" button.  In our Mindbody application, Plus Size Yoga is listed under "SESSIONS".

Interested in checking it out? Join us for a Plus Size Yoga Meetup! All details posted here.

Prenatal Yoga

This special class for expecting moms will help you meet the challenges and transformations of pregnancy and birth with strength, confidence and calm. Taught in a positive, supportive environment, yoga does wonders for strengthening your body and improving your ability to have a comfortable pregnancy. Learn safe, effective poses for each trimester and breathing techniques that will prepare and relax you for a smooth labor. Connect to your innate wisdom the birth process and bring your awareness to the spirit of your baby. This class will benefit every mom-to-be, regardless of trimester or yoga experience. Cultivate openness to change and a connection to your baby growing within you! Classes are suitable for all phases of pregnancy and no previous yoga experience is needed. Registration can be found on our Prenatal Page.